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GRMBLFX!? - sex crimes & love rhymes ZCD016

will be released soon!

Dr. O (aka Oelkinz, Oulkonezzon, Oli..) plays guitar @KORO. He owns a little studio where he records other Bands like
Bad Ass Sticks, Pulco, Hide In X, Unfriesirt, The All Inn., Remedy Inc., In the Meadows At The Foot Of Sugar Hill, The Skipjacks,
and his own albums, when there's enough time.
GRMBLFX!? seems to be a summit of enough time and an option to release own stuff.
Which resulted in "Sex Crimes & Love Rhymes".

"Sex Crimes & Love Rhymes" was 100% Proven, Molten & Riped by Dr. O.
Which means written*, played, recorded, mixed & produced.
Dr. O plays all instruments on this album: guitars, bass, drums and voices.

*Except "Help!" was written by Lennon/MacCartney in 1965...
...way before I walked this earth!

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GRMBLFX!? - Hot Candle Wax (2014)

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